I Shall Not Be Unmoved

Peter Irsay
Lingua: Inglese

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Words and music by Peter Irsay
in Broadside #98

I Shall Not Be Unmoved
I shall not be unmoved
I shall not be forced to crawl neath this earth
Tho' cowardly words against me be used
I shall not remain unmoved.

I will not heed the warmonger's tongue
I will not be shaken by his hate—pain words
By his forecast of enemies still yet unknown
By his torn flesh and his torrents of doom.

The smell of the air in the cities you breathe
Walk through this jungle of which we have made
Through fear and through hatred
Through swords and through kings.

I shall not invest in your capital games
So many unseen faces and unspoken names
Of unheard thoughts in an army of brains
Smothered in ashes and burning in pain.

I shall not remain unmoved
I shall not remain unspoken, as soon
I shall carry a candle and point to their eyes
I shall not condemn this seagull to die.

6/11/2016 - 00:38

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