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Masters Of War
(Bob Dylan)
'Ομορφη πόλη άσχημα καίγεσαι
(Giorgos Sarris / Γιώργος Σαρρής)
Shot Down
(James Phillips)

Broadside 20, Febbraio 1963
Sullo stesso broadside compare Masters Of War di Dylan

The witch-hunters came to Frisco town
To smear and slander and hound men down.
They came to legislate, they say,
But they came to take our rights away,
And we wouldn't let Sir...We'd fight.

Are you now or have you ever been
Associated with or implicated in?
Did you ever walk a picket?
Did you ever sit down?
Did you ever get a phone call from Archie Brown?
Okay...They've had it...Next witness.

So we gathered down at the City Hall
To show these invaders once and all
That we were free and free we'd stay.
We wouldn't be happy till they went away,
Really away...For good...Send them back to Dixie.

We carried our signs and marched in peace,
Two-fifty of us, four hundred police.
We didn't have a white card so they wouldn't let us in,
And we sat right down and made a din,
Singing the Star Spangled Banner...
God Bless America...
Other subversive songs.

Then the cops brought out their fire hose,
Swung their clubs and tore our clothes,
Dragged us down the cold wet stone,
Knocked out our teeth and broke our bones,
Preserving order...Beating pregnant women...

Get rid at them boat -niks.
Into the wagons and off to jail,
Rot in there till they set our bail.
Sixty-eight arrested and we kept singing
Till we set their hired ears to ringing.
No food...But lots of comradeship...

Meet some of the best people in jail.
We said we'd beat them, we'd be free,
To keep on fighting for liberty.
For truth and justice and all that's fine
We'd be back on that picket line.
And we shall not be moved...Like to proverbial tree... Solid, man.

We were back next day, five thousand strong.
The Un-Americans shook when they saw our throng.
They called us Red and screamed their bile
But when they came out we hollered - Sieg Heil.
Witch-hunters go home... And they did.

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