War Blues

Ronnie Petersen
Lingua: Inglese

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Well I'm thinkin' about the war
and it just ain't clear to me
why they're sendin' all these boys
across the sea

They say the war's important
and it just has to be
that's fine until I get
a letter sendin' for me

'Cause I love it here,
I don't want to go
so don't send me any letters
'cause I hate to say no

Well it's really not important that I have to go
I'll just stay home here and manage the show
I feel like a heel but it's the God's honest truth
I just don't feel like fightin' or bein' abused

You say the commies are comin' from the East,
West and South
And if you don't fight you're a yellow belly louse
Well you go and fight them way over there
I'll stay home and watch out for them here.

25/10/2016 - 22:05

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