Bells of San Salvador

Bruce Springsteen
Lingua: Inglese

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BELLS OF SAN SALVADOR is an unreleased Bruce Springsteen song. Springsteen used some lyrics from his live adaptation of Creedence Clearwater Revival's Run Through The Jungle in BELLS OF SAN SALVADOR. See the live 29 Apr 1981 version of Run Through The Jungle for more details. The home demo Bells of San Salvador evolved into BELLS OF SAN SALVADOR.

The above partial lyrics are for a band rehearsal take of BELLS OF SAN SALVADOR that was recorded, according to Brucebase, in Colts Neck, NJ, sometime in April 1982. This band rehearsal take of BELLS OF SAN SALVADOR is in the hands of private collectors and is yet to circulate widely. Note that "Bells Of San Salvador" may not be correct title for this song.

According to Brucebase: "['Bells Of San Salvador' is a] sinister and oppressive song about a 1979 massacre that took place on the steps of San Salvador cathedral in El Salvador. The song seems to be well developed but session logs indicate it was never recorded in the studio. The title is unknown, 'Bells Of San Salvador' is our best guess based on the lyrics." Pete Russell wrote about the song: "I think sinister describes it quite well. There's an organ riff throughout that really sets your teeth on edge. You can hear most of the lyrics, but he mumbles at times."
Well they took him from his house
Killed him in the street

And nobody hears the clang of the swinging jailhouse door
And nobody knows there're people looking on
And nobody knows the number and nobody knows the one
With the bells of San Salvador ringing in the sun

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