What I've Seen

Michael Franti & Spearhead
Lingua: Inglese

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da "Yell Fire!" (2006)
Per una presentazione del disco, vedi la prima canzone Time To Go Home.

yell fireYELL FIRE! (2006)

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If I told you what I've seen
Would you believe me?
or leave me alone
If I told you what I feel
Would you believe me?
or leave me alone?

Razor wire on the street
every corner, ninety degrees
at six in the morning
boilin' water for the tea of a nation
plantin' seeds for the next generation
run like mad just to make a connection
pack watcha need for your own protection
dance to the rythm of the wheels on the street
long long strides on the hot concrete

Hello hello...
does anybody need a place to go
to call your own?

Numbers go and the numbers come
try your best making two outta one
work all day in the mid day sun
break your back till the night time comes
sing for your bread and sing for your water
sing for your sons and sing for your daughters
sing for your pops and sing for your mamas
sing for your brakfast, pray for your supper

Hello hello...
does anybody need a place to go
to call your own?

31/12/2006 - 15:55

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