Rachel Carson

Ellis Paul
Lingua: Inglese

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Rachel Carson è stata un'ambientalista americana, grazie al suo contributo venne messo al bando il DDT
Rachel went a'walkin in the woods at twilight
Talking to the animals, listening to the trees
She heard the beauty in the whistling songbird
The rustling of the hickory, the buzzing of the bees

She wandered, wondering, what could she bring
To give a voice to the silence of the spring

One day came the big bulldozers
The planes dropping chemicals
People cutting trees
Rachel saw the bald eagle suffering
High up in the canopy
To the edge of the sea

And oh, they're tearing the big trees down
They're covering the crops with a cloud of spray
And the bulldozers and the high-rises from town
Come so close you can't hear the forest sounds

Rachel wrote a book on an old typewriter
About the poison in the atmosphere
And in the air we breathe
She told the truth and the world started listening
She was talking for the animals
Speaking for the trees

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