Passive Suicide

Lingua: Inglese

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Extended play: "Terror in Dreamland"

Terror in Dreamland

Canzone anticlericale E antireligiosa.

Ho visto troppi mangiapreti in giro essere mansueti nei confronti della religione temendo di ferire "buoni sentimenti".

Ho visto addirittura alcuni elogiare i "benefici" che una religione può dare a chi non ha niente.

Anche basta.

Terrore e guerre governano il regno di dio.

Passive suicide
When you sit 'n' cry
You're just feelin' like
Jesus crucified.

Open your eyes 'cause religion is only a lie
Open your mind, escape from this cage.

Our story told by blood
Sign of the cross
Just an ideal kill machine
Opium of the crowd

Mankind is so false, the poison, infected our minds
Only to sweep away all men from the world.
Release the rage!


Passive suicide
I'm so sick I'm crying
Virus in my mind
Starving for my pain

Open your eyes there's no life after death
The kingdom of god, ruled by terror and wars
The ascent for power is stained by innocent blood.
Now you should die!

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