Independence Day

Warrick Sony
Lingua: Inglese

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Parole di Warrick Sony (nato Warrick Swinney, 1958-), compositore, produttore, musicista e sound designer sudafricano, bianco.

Musica di Warrick Sony e del suo gruppo, i Kalahari Surfers

Nel disco d’esordio della band sudafricana, intitolato “Own Affairs”.
its independence day
the south african way
you get a casino
and armed bandits
a national force
coca cola for the masses
and dirty movies
for the business men
who've come to help you
build your nation
they've come to help you
build your nation

its independence day
an architects dream
houses of parliament
for the new rascist regime
palace for the president
ministers homes
mud huts for the laymen
they build their own

donkey meat cooks
with the Sun City pose (*)
Its stinks so bad
the world holds it's nose
(*) Sun City: città-casinò sudafricana. Si veda Sun City di Steven Van Zandt

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