War and Music

Billy Edd Wheeler
Lingua: Inglese

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Parole e musica di Billy Edd Wheeler
Testo trovato su Broadside # 62, Sept. 15, 1965

Once I thought -
Singing is for sitting
On a limb
Or in dust of road edge.

And I thought -
Songs do not come from
Gasping throats
In air astride toiling wings.

Once I thought -
Fighting is for standing
On planted feet
Nimble behind solid shields.

And I thought -
Battles do not come from
Overstuffed chairs
In the clean ordered tower.

But I think I hear -
Songs blasting as pointed hail
From gentle clouds.
Crow calls crash my ears.

I think I see -
Wars waging from poet's desk and
Chair. Fighting and
Music from everywhere.

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