Feed the Hungry

The Pop Group
Lingua: Inglese

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Dal terzo album del Pop Group, "For How Much Longer Do We Tolerate Mass Murder?", del 1980.
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Feed the hungry

In the mines of Bolivia
In the factories of South Africa
In the streets of Indonesia
Feed the hungry
More than 10,000 men women children
die of starvation every day
The major cause of famine and poverty is
organised human greed
Feed the hungry

In the camps of Cambodia
In the shanty towns of India
In the prisons of Argentina
Exploit cheap labour
The rape of the Third World
Western bankers decide who lives and who dies
28 human beings
21 of them children die as a result of hunger
every minute every hour of every day
Profit is thicker than blood
I present the illuminati
They exploit cheap labour
Here come the imperialists
Here come the Rockefellers
Here come the Rothchildes
Here comes Carrington
Here comes B.P.
Here comes America
Here comes Russia
Here comes China
with their policies of aid
So few own so much
Take it

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