Outlaw Women

Hank Williams Jr.
Lingua: Inglese

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She works in a bank and she works in a store
And she don't go for that old stuff anymore
She likes to get high and listen to the band
She likes to make love to her kind of man

These outlaw women, the first of their kind
Outlaw women they got here right on time
Outlaw women don't need any guns
Outlaw women just out for fun

In many ways she's a lot like me
She don't give a damn 'bout society
Might be a little rich girl, she might be poor
Might be a married woman who needs a little more

Yeah, she's an outlaw woman first of her kind
These outlaw women ridin' high in seventy-nine
These outlaw women don't need any guns
These outlaw women just out for fun

Some call her a lady, some call her other names
But you won't ever call her that around me and my gang

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