Mother Wolf

Marianne Faithfull
Lingua: Inglese

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Album: "Give my Love to London"
Give my Love to London

Marianne Faithfull 2014

“Mother Wolf”, which Faithfull co-wrote with Patrick Leonard, may be her finest moment on Give My Love to London. It consists primarily of a single verse and chorus, each repeated throughout the song, but Faithfull sings each iteration with new dramatic emphasis. On the first time through, she delivers the allegorical lyrics almost passively, as though looking down on humanity from some high cloud. The next time, she has descended to earth and become a human amid the earthly horror of war. Faithfull doesn’t sing so much as she spits the words, her delivery grinding against the song’s meter. “How you disgust me!” she growls, turning those syllables into something acrid and poisonous and fundamentally ugly. Her performance meets violence with more violence, and the song’s pummeling pace and dark catharsis simultaneously underscore and undermine the song. The pirates are attacking London, and Faithfull is leading them onward.

Stephen M. Deusner,
Mother wolf where are you going?
That cub in your mouth isn't one of yours
He is now, and I will fight to the death who say different

The filth that comes out of your mouth,
I will not listen to
You treat your dogs better than you treat each other,
The words that come out of your mouth
disgust me the thoughts in your heart sicken me.

We are the free people
Who do not kill for pleasure
We are like a starry night
We gaze at the world
Through a thousand eyes
You people kill only for pleasure
You have no need and yet
You cannot seem to stop.

You murder each other for enjoyment only,
and with absurd, abstract excuses
My God,
how you disgust me!

13/12/2014 - 16:30

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