Spacemen 3
Lingua: Inglese

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Sweet Talk

Parole di Peter Kember
Musica di Peter Kember e Jason Pierce (Spacemen 3)
Singolo poi incluso nel loro disco del 1989 intitolato “Playing With Fire”

Playing With Fire

Potente ed inquietante...
(Look out...)

Well I'm sick...
I'm soooo... sick !
Of the lot of people
Who try to tell me

What I can't
Count do
In my life
And I'm tired...

I'm so... tired!
Of the lot of people
In a lot of high places
Who don't want

And me
To enjoy ourselves
Well I'm through the people

Who can't get up their ass
To help themselves
Change this government
And beat up the society

(It's a shit !)

So hold on a second
I smell burnin'
And I see a change

The bend
And I suggest to you
That it takes

Just five... seconds
Just five... seconds
Of decision
To realize

That the time
Is right
To start thinkin' about
A little


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