The Deepest Shelter in Town

Florence Desmond
Lingua: Inglese

Parole e musica di Leslie Julian Jones.
Nella raccolta intitolata “Keep Smiling Through!- 18 Original Ditties”

Keep Smiling Through!- 18 Original Ditties

I riferimenti a sir John Anderson e a sir Herbert Morrison – il primo 1st Viscount Waverley, il secondo Baron Morrison of Lambeth – datano questa allegra canzoncina, viziosetta assai, alla fine del 1940, quando i due nobiluomini inglesi si succedettero nella carica di “Home Front Prime Minister”, cioè di ministro degli interni in una Gran Bretagna in guerra…
Certo che se fossi stato anch’io visconte o barone, o comunque uno con qualche agio, non avrei indugiato un momento ad accettare l’invito dell’attrice Florence Desmond a seguirla nel suo rifugio antiaereo, il più sicuro e confortevole della città:

Florence Desmond
Don't run away, mister,
Oh stay and play, mister.
Don't worry if you hear the siren go.
Though I'm not a lady of the highest virtue,
I wouldn't dream of letting anything hurt you.
And so before you go,
I think you ought to know

I got a cozy flat,
There's a place for your hat.
I'll wear a pink chiffon negligee gown.
And do I know my stuff?
But if that's not enough,
I've got the deepest shelter in town.

I've got a room for two,
A radio that's new,
An alarm clock that won't let you down.
And I've got central heat,
But to make it complete,
I've got the deepest shelter in town.

Ev'ry modern comfort
I can just guarantee.
If you hear the siren call,
Then it's probably me.

And sweetie, to revert,
I'll keep you on the alert.
I won't even be wearing a frown.
So you can hang around here
Until the "all clear,"
In the deepest shelter in town.

Now, honey, I don't sing
Of an Anderson thing,
Climbing in one, you look like a clown.
But if you came here to see
Why Sir John would agree
I've got the deepest shelter in town.

Now Mr. Morrison
Says he's getting things done,
And he's a man of the greatest renown.
But before it gets wrecked,
I hope he'll come and inspect
The deepest shelter in town.

Now, I was one of the first
To clear my attic of junk.
But when it comes to shelters,
Now-a-days, it's all bunk.

So, honey, don't get scared,
It's there to be shared!
And you'll feel like a king with a crown.
So please don't be mean,
Better men than you have been
In the deepest shelter in town.

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