Name and Number

The Fartz
Lingua: Inglese

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Album: "Dark Ages"
album lyrics
Would you deny
Your flesh and your soul
Your very life's breath
To do as you're told
Would you give in
Like an obedient slave
To a hand that would guide you
While digging your grave?

Selective service system
Wants us on file
To make it convenient
When the time comes to die
Youth of Amerika
Lives with the threat
Of five years in prison
If you choose to object

And as you're dying
In a maniac's war
Will you remember the lies
That they said it was for
Even in death
You will still find no peace
They'll make your corpse
Tools of patriotic beliefs

It's quick, it's easy
And it's the law
Just go on down to your local post office
Sign your name on the dotted line
Just sign your name and number
And sign away your life

3/9/2006 - 14:50

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