Free Will

Marc Elusse Nemorospo
Lingua: Inglese

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Free will was composed three years ago, during teh election days in France. And it's all about Free-Will, a human right we don't use enough sometimes.

This version is a 2013 production.
Composed, Performed & recorded by Nemorospo
Produced by Gabriel Vanore.
You control information
You’re not afraid to lie

You fight for reelection
You pledge wonders & gold

You make money by billions
D’you know the price of love
D’you know the price of love
D’you know the price of love

But we don’t need permission
And we don’t share your vision
And we don’t want you anymore

You share your old religion
You pray your precious god

You control your divisions
Your sons won’t go to war

You said this is your mission
D’you think the world is yours
D’you think the world is yours
D’you think the world is yours

But we don’t want promises
And we don’t like your posture
And we don’t believe you anymore

inviata da Marc ELUSSE aka NEMOROSPO - 20/1/2014 - 18:08

Dear Nemorospo, thank you for your songs and please feel free to send us others, provided they fit the site's topic. We just ask you never to send lyrics written in capital letters, a practice this website doesn't accept. Thank you again and see ya soon!

CCG/AWS Staff - 20/1/2014 - 20:12

Thanks for adding my song. And thanks to Orionstar for letting me discover this great website. And sorry for the capital letters from my second post (free will), just a copy-paste from my scloud page. I'll be careful in a future post!

Peace, Regards & Guitars & All The Best from The Toad's Nest, Paris!


Marc ELUSSE aka NEMOROSPO - 20/1/2014 - 23:43

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