Somewhere On The Axis Of Evil

Marc Elusse Nemorospo
Lingua: Inglese

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Free Will
(Marc Elusse Nemorospo)

Composed in 2011 by Nemorospo
Performed & recorded in The Toad's Nest

Always the same sad old story.

"Nothing is more absurd than the encounter between a child and a rifle bullet."
Always the same every night
All These letters I could write
But I will never. Not even try
Fall asleep with no peaceful dream
In the base camp lights
My only mistress is
My dark blue rifle
Right On my Side

Sleepless nights are different
Sergeant arise & wake us up
Say we have five minutes no more
Platoon stand in the report
Now loaded to the neck
Of useless gears and more protect
In this desert of dust
Burnt and rusty iron

For a hundred bocks
A guy said it's here
So we have a target now
A good reason to be here
Loaded to the neck
Of speed shots and adrenaline
Of deep dry anger
Of cold controled fear
Of cold controled fear

Then we penetrate this place
Same sequence repeated again
Couples of frightened women
Couples of frightened women
Childrens screaming and crying
A poor man in underwear
Under-eyed and shaking hands
Under-eyed and shaking hands

Barking orders in confusion
A little boy runs to his bed
"GUN!!" shot a moron of us
"GUN!!" shot a moron of us...
But it's just a teddy bear
And the bullet's already gone there
Right to the little boy's hand
Right to the innocent hand

Right to the innocence...

Then go back to the base camp
I'm twenty years old
would like having fifteen less
And feel the sweet smell
Of my loved teddy bear

Twenty years old
I'm a soldier
But when gettin' older
Try to atone for those thins
Which are not even mine

inviata da Marc ELUSSE aka NEMOROSPO - 20/1/2014 - 17:57

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