Icarus Generation

Lingua: Inglese

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My name is Frank Cable and this is my song.

This song is a message to all dictators and oppressors within this world. It is a plea for these people to remember that they were once a child, a plea that the search for fame and power only leads to blindness and pain for millions, a plea to realize that there legacy can only be preserved by spreading love, not war across the countries that they rule.

Ultimately peace will prevail, but this song is a plea for compassion addressed to these rulers in Syria, North Korea and the USA.


Frank Cable

Icarus Generation Frank Cable Copyright 2008
Looking for love
you flew to the sun.
Wings melting around you
you took the big plunge.

Wrapped in your own vanity
oh, what you've done?
Another casualty
of Icarus Generation.

Born without tears
you were raised by the gun.
Their promises and lies blind you,
oh, look how you run.

But, where are you going to?
And what have you done?
Yet no one will ever deny you
Icarus Generation.

And the whole world is watching now...

Now, your God up above,
Now, he's deaf from the sounds
of children screaming for mercy,
of your bombs raining down.

This river never runs empty
of violence and blood,
but will you ever feel sated,
Icarus Generation?

Before your God
Before your gun.
Lived a world free of hatred
a world full of love.

Now peace lived before you,
and will live when you're gone.
So go now and be forgotten
Icarus Generation.

Then the whole world will only know love...

inviata da Frank Cable - 9/12/2013 - 05:26

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