Hughes Lives On Forever

Gerry O'Glacain
Lingua: Inglese

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frhCanzone scritta per Francis Hughes. Fu la seconda vittima dello sciopero della fame di Maze del 1981, pochi giorni dopo Bobby Sands (12 maggio).
In Derry´s hills they mourn a son
Brave an Irish soldier´s gone
That flame he carried still burns on...
For Hughes lives on forever

Freedom´s dawn has come at last
Judgement for injustice past
Your tyranny it´s dying fast
While Hughes lives on forever

A guardian from the hills and dales
Tyrone and Derry loved him well
And tortured in an H- Block cell
Hughes lives on forever


The spurge of Ireland´s enemies
The SAS and RUC
un-conquered still your spirits free
For Hughes lives on forever


Francis Hughes you´re with us yet
Your moral we shall not forget
They feared you then they fear you yet
For Hughes lives on forever


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