Ministry of Oil

The Prince Myshkins
Lingua: Inglese

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Lyrics & Music by Rick Burkhardt and Andy Gricevich
Album: Total Myshkin Awareness


The Prince Myshkins
Once again we hear the word "precision"
from people who think bombs can be precise
We hear "the price of fighting terrorism"
from people who don't have to pay that price.

We see a cloud where there should be a college
We see a reservoir reduced to soil
And though they now admit
that the marketplace was hit,
they didn't hit the Ministry of Oil

What they call a military target
is sacred to all soldiers brave and loyal
You can bomb a shrine,
You can bomb a power line,
but you never bomb the Ministry of Oil..

Once again the mayhem they call "warfare"
is followed by the melee they call "peace"
Tearing through the stores and the museums
while the US Army played police..

How much do you suppose that artwork sold for
as their last remaining food began to spoil
the situation's bad,
but no place in Baghdad
is safer than the Ministry of Oil..

The medicine has all been confiscated
and soon there won't be water left to boil
And one might wonder who'd
think up names like "Oil for food"
when what they mean is “Ministry of Oil”

If there's any logic in the universe
If the future isn't just absurd
If justice is precise instead of infinite
If freedom is enjoyed and not endured.

I'll take my class out someday on a field trip
past the shells of Shell and Uniroyal..
And as they're roaming round
the musty White House grounds,
I'll say: "Kids, this was the Ministry of Oil"

I'll say: "Kids, it was a peaceful revolution,
there weren't any battles to embroil,
and I'm very glad to tell
that not one person fell
it's an aspect of our history -that every child knows well
how we failed to avoid
one building being destroyed,
but at least it was the Ministry of Oil".

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