Always Coming Home

Harry Rogers
Lingua: Inglese

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“Our Little Soldier” – Twelve song cycle about the futility, agony and ubiquity of war. I hope to record this as an album at some time and also do a couple of performances of it with a few friends.

Introduction - Our Little Soldier - Become a Cadet - Meeting Maria - Don’t Volunteer (Song of Maria) - Sergeant Major Grandad -The Children in the Queue - Dying for Love - Joining Up Today - Always Coming Home - Bombardier - Son

A Soldier’s Life From Childhood To Death.

Harry seeing Red

Always Coming Home
When he went away to train
He was still a soldier boy
But then he came back home
As an artilleryman
Then they sent him out to basra
Where he did as he was told
Destroying streets and buildings
That were homes to young and old
But he was
Always coming home
Always coming home
He told his mother
He was always coming home
Got a message from maria
Asking where and how he was
He was on patrol in helmand
When her special text came in
She said she had to see him
When he came back home again
She missed him oh so badly
She had never known such pain
He sent her this message
Always coming home
Always coming home
Maria my love
I am always coming home

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