Don’t Volunteer (Song of Maria)

Harry Rogers
Lingua: Inglese

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“Our Little Soldier” – Twelve song cycle about the futility, agony and ubiquity of war. I hope to record this as an album at some time and also do a couple of performances of it with a few friends.

Introduction - Our Little Soldier - Become a Cadet - Meeting Maria - Don’t Volunteer (Song of Maria) - Sergeant Major Grandad -The Children in the Queue - Dying for Love - Joining Up Today - Always Coming Home - Bombardier - Son

A Soldier’s Life From Childhood To Death.

Harry seeing Red

Just the other night
As i held you tight
You told me something
That filled me with fright
And i can’t stop thinking
About how it would feel
To be losing you
How would it feel
To be losing you?
My darling, my dear
I need you here
Here by my side
I need you here
Please don’t lead
A soldier’s life
I don’t want to be
An army wife
Sat in the hall
Next to the phone
Wait on your call
Always alone
My darling, my dear
I need you here
My darling, my dear
Don’t volunteer
I’m down on my knees
I’m begging you please
Don’t be a bombardier
Please don’t volunteer

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