The Credit Crunch Song (Oh Mr. Banker)‎

Ed Pickford
Lingua: Inglese

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Testo trovato su Union Songs
‎“This is a song I wrote about the effects of The Credit Crunch in 2008 which was engineered by the ‎unfettered, unregulated greed of a relatively few individuals and has had dire consequences for us ‎all.”‎

Una canzone sulla cosiddetta “stretta creditizia” con cui nel 2007/2008 ebbe formalmente inizio la ‎recessione economica mondiale che stiamo vivendo. Ovviamente sono in molti ad aver lucrato sulla ‎crisi e a fare ancora un sacco di soldi sulla pelle di milioni di indebitati, impoveriti, disoccupati…‎
Old MacDonald had a farm
Now he hasn't got a barn
Can't buy breakfast can't buy lunch
Blames it in the credut crunch

Oh Mr Banker
You and all your brood
Have corporatised MacDonald
The man who grows my food

Miss Bo Peep has got no sheep
There are nights that she can't sleep
Says she lost the whole darn bunch
I blame it on the credit crunch

Oh Mr Banker
Don't you feel shame
Miss Bo Peep's a working girl
And you're the one to blame

Because of all of your sub-primes
There are folks who have hard times
Because the banks are greedy
Honest folks are needy

Georgie Porgie puddin' and pie
Busted nose and big black eye
There was no fight the was no punch
Ran into the credit crunch

Oh Mr Banker
Georgie's sad today
He only wants to kiss the girls
But they all run away

Jack and Jill went up the hill
They couldn't pay the water bill
Now they can't pay for the rent
Jack's out looking for a tent

Oh Mr Banker
Jack came tumbling down
You ent through his pockets
As he lay on the ground

You speculate, accumulate
And leave good people to their fate
Yes because the banks are greedy
Honest folks are needy

Willie Winkie runs round town
Dressed in just a nighty gown
Taking pills he is depressed
Said his house was reposessed

Oh Mr Banker
You and all your schemes
Willie's living nighmares now
Instead of Dreaming dreams

Old King Cole had fiddlers three
Gave them their redundancy
They played reels and they played jigs
Now they don't do any gigs

Oh Mr Banker
You always bring bad news
Old King Cole's gave up the pipes
He only songs the blues

When your plan hits the fan
You become a nowhere man
When honest folks are in despair
You'll find the banker isn;t there

And when London Bridge is falling down
You'll find the banker has left town
Because the banks are greedy
honest folk are needy

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