Iraqi Civil War

Johnny Punish
Lingua: Inglese

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Lyrics & Arrangement by Johnny Punish
Music: sung to the tune of "Johnny Comes Marching Home" (American Civil War Anthem).
See also English Civil War by The Clash.
Album: A Daring Escape from the Empire
When Fauzi comes marching home again yell-la, yell-la
He's coming by bus from Fallujah Town yell-la, yell-la
Co-operating with Americans
A bullet in the back of the occupation
An' it was just around the corner in the Iraqi Civil War
It was still at the stage of stones & fists, yell-la, yell-la
When Wolfy's place was beaten to bits, yell-la, yell-la
Rummey's eyes would shed no tear
An' G.I. Yusef screaming in fear
An' the new party army is marching up the stairs
There you are my soldier friend, yell-la
Baghdad-Nam in chaos again – yell-la
Speaking in tongue for the clampdown gang
Get's a missile and a paycheck – bang! Bang! Bang!
When the fundi party army starts breaking Uncle Sammy's door
When Fauzi comes marching home again, yell-la
Who do the people believe again, yell-la
The sun is setting an' dickey's having fun
The clouds in the sky rain with Tommy Gun
And the shadows keep falling when Fauzi comes marching home.

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