Stop the War

Lennie Moreno
Lingua: Inglese

 Lennie Moreno
Please stop the war... (How much more are we fighting for?)
What is it for? (Can you recognize the truth from lies?)
You can't ignore... (The blood that's spilled, have you no guilt?)
Stop the fighting, the lying, the dying's too much, what more should we pay?

First verse:

You got to stop the war, cuz everybody's dying,
I'm trying to do my part, but I see bodies lying, I'm crying,
Why don't you let it breathe, I'm talking about the world,
Why don't you let them leave, I'm talking about the girls,
We got to vote for peace, and guns and killing cease, at least,
Eliminate decease,
Cuz we the one's that suffering and losing family in agony,
It's all about the money,
I can't believe I'm seeing, a population fleeing,
I'm trying to give my best: a rest, a bless,
I'm doing it with a text so you can publish it in a press,
Direction to the Pres,
You leave us to the death,
We got to stick together, it's the only way to live,
Just look and analyse, some kids are traumatised,
And what about their mothers trying to hide an homicide and it's violent,
It's time to listen to this violin and start a fucking riot!!


Second verse:

States and us are mixing,
The Middle-East is fixing: I'm texting,
The more the dead the more expecting,
The more they got the more they testing: you disrespecting,
Now listen up: I'm not the only one that's really tired of hearing canons fire
higher, politicians liar.
Your weapons are your fast cash, enemies got their ass blast out,
We all cast out.
Let's make a chain, we are hand in hand and use your brain and make a change, I
feel in vain in shame.
I really have a vision, let's use it with precision,
It's going to take a million years if I do this shit alone,
If everyone in the world would put a piece, we can achieve,
So we can all believe,
Let's make a difference this instant,
Personify assistance, persistence,
I'm trying to break the distance and I'm insistent!

-Can somebody please do something about these innocent people dying?

Battle is starting, kids is running, people gunning,
Everybody is fucked up and blasting,
Mommies holding babies in their baskets,
Daddies closing caskets,
The blood is escalating, a thousand is estimating,
And this is just a small picture, everybody look,
I hope it leaves you shook,
There is people losing family in agony,
It's all about the filthy fucking money…

-I hate you!!

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