What Have You Done?

Heather Lev
Lingua: Inglese

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from "On the Train to Babylon" © 2004
What have you done? What have you done,
What have you done, this time--
Thief of our country
What have you done?

You lied so our nation went to war
You lost us our allies, and what for
How many have died, how many more
What have you done?

You sold off our radio waves today
You sold off our Nation's parks they say
You sold off our overtime pay
Till nothing is left to sell away
What have you done?...

You cut:
Americorps and Medicare
Education, you don't care
Reproductive health care funds
Ergonomic protections
Books for children of the poor
Stem cell research to find a cure
Unemployment benefits
But you cut the taxes of the rich

What have you done?...
You hide the reports on eleventh of September
Reports on global warming weather
On the deficit you made
On layoffs and government aid
Reports on the NASA Shuttle crash
And reports on Enron's hidden cash
And every record of your rule
Is hidden cause you are a fool

What have you done...
What have you done this time
We'll find you out, What have you done.

Won't sign the germ warfare treaty
Won't sign the ABM treaty
Won't sign the Kyoto treaty
How did the US get so greedy?
You let the crowd loot Iraqi treasures
Halliburton take drastic measures
Multinational corporations
Own you and your machinations
You say that it's an orange alert
People like us might get hurt
But security money's out of reach
It's time we voted to impeach

What have you done?
We're gonna get you on the run
You are not a fortunate son
Your election was not even won
What have you done.

8/5/2006 - 11:42

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