Glorious Days

Wong Ka Kui
Lingua: Inglese

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海闊天空 [Boundless Oceans, Vast Skies]
光輝歲月 [Glorious Years]

The bell rings out signals for home
His life seems to be fulled of sadness
To him the meaning of being Black
is to devote the life to racial fights
Time turns gaining into losing
Tiresome eyes still shine with hope

Only the body remains today
to welcome the glorious days
Embracing freedom in stormy days
Never stop struggling with uncertainty
Believing the future can be altered
Asking who can be the same

Can we bring down the boundary of races
Wishing in this land
no one will weights the value of one another
The beauty of multicolors
is because it doesn't sort out each color

inviata da DonQuijote82 - 23/11/2011 - 12:34

mi sembra proprio la traduzione inglese di 光輝歲月 [Glorious Years]. Togliamo?

Lorenzo - 21/12/2018 - 12:50

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