The Legend

Daniel Hannon
Lingua: Inglese

I went to see a legend
Just the other night
Down in Yankee Stadium
Underneath the lights
I heard an old man speak there
After years and years in jail
his name it was Mandela
and he came to tell his tale

Well the crowd cheered him loudly
Ah but then the silence fell
When he spoke of the hard years
In a South African cell
And although he was free now
His heart was still in pain
Because his country and his people
Still wore apartheids chains

He said he hoped that we would join him
As he walked down freedoms path
And that these miles would be the hardest
But they would be the last
And to join our hands together
So that we might be as one
try to find ourselves the courage
That this battle could be won

I went home that same evening
I fell a asleep and had a dream
I was standing in a cold rain
In a Irish field of green
And all around me headstones
Of the martyrs from the past
I was standing there in silence
When they spoke to me at last

Kevin Barry is my name
And I died in the hangmans noose
They wanted the names of my comrades
But this I would not do
And I am Roger Casement
And I died by Englands hand
For bringing German rifles
To the lonely Banna Strand

James Connolly is my name
The working people were my life
When they shot me down in Killmainham Jail
It brought great civil strife
And I am Padraig Pearse
I was murdered by the foe
Because I read the Proclamation
From the steps of the GPO

Well the last voice that I heard
Said my name is Bobby Sands
He said it good to hear Mandela words
Ringing through the land
I hope they hear him up in Belfast
In Derry and Tyrone
Maybe then those English soldiers
Will know its time to go home

I awoke in the morning
Nothing made sense at all
But then again whod believe
That theyd knock down the Berlin Wall
Or theyd freed Nelson Mandela
Oh could this really be
Maybe now we will see Ireland
Reunited and free

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