Saints' Eyes

Tadevos Tonoyan
Lingua: Inglese

Souls learn only to hover and fly,
While bodies get used to the agony of death
Though all beings are errant,
God watches every abyss on earth.

Ancient paradise is conquered,
Devoted ones are expelled and killed.
Though bells don’t toll,
God watches us from above.

There are rivers of blood, and time is powerless
Sacrificial lambs are killed,
But the saints’ eyes keep us reminding
That God watches us from above.

Candles are put out, prayers are mute
Lips are speechless, souls and monasteries too
No one laments, and Heaven is silent too.
But even in this silence God watches us.

He watches every abyss on earth
All beings are errant; even so
The bodies get used to the agony of death,
While the soul yearns to hover and fly.

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