My Country

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Nas & Lofey (featuring Millenium Thug)
Album: Stillmatic
..American born, American raised, American made…

(My country shitted on me)..My country
(She wants to get rid of me) – Naw, never
('Cause the things I seen) We know too much
('Cause the things I seen) We seen too much..

[Verse 1, Nas:]
Aiyyo, it's packed on this Riker's bus
The tightest cuffs is holdin' me shackled
The life of a thug caught in the devil's lasso
On the streets I was invincible
Cowards would duck at a glimpse if they knew
What my pistol would do, a fuckin' killa
Mother's a dopefiend embarrassin' me
All in front of my friends
In the street smile with no teeth
I never knew daddy, heard he had a 72 caddy
Died in a robbery, can't remember him, was probably 3
Why didn't my folks just die in this society
Why wasn't I a child of a doctor, who left stocks for me
Two little brothers, two sisters, them shorties gots to eat
Mother's a junkie, she twisted, so all they got is me
I'm the provider, with goals to do much better than my father
Whether through drugs sold, or holdin' revolvers
Blurry visions of dad holdin' me high
It comes to me slowly, the words he would cry

[Repeat Chorus]

[Verse 2, Millenium Thug:]
It is I that step up
Me that don't give a fuck, you that foe, then it's all over soldier
Hummers and Range's Just through the desert
Fuck a 20-inch, as long as we got gas and we got water
Troopers lookin' for manslaughter
I gotta get back, for what they owe
Shoot'em in the back for the get back
Leave Dude Shit-Bagged Hogtied, gagged
Look at the life We had, now we all rebels
Everything burnt down includin' the ghetto
We can see for miles of land its major rubble
And debris from the earth as we knew crumbled
Yo you could see the sea
And the stars look closer to me
I'm a mad man, this is a real life movie Mad Max
S-K's, AK's max, ABR's spittin' and it ain't a rap
My mommy dearest pray for me hopin' I come back
But yo…

[Repeat Chorus]

[Verse 3, Nas + Millenium Thug:]
Yo, I'm sittin' behind these prison walls
I got this pen and pad wishin' on a visit, God
Brothers is here for homicide and yo, it's some for rape
Some brothers innocent, I pray that I could just escape
How is the war
And yo I'm wishin' I was in your shoes
Holdin' machine guns
Clean fun, shootin' dudes with fatigues on
Anywhere is better than this
It's America's plan every color of man inherits the shit
Yo I'm startin to think it's all a scheme, nobody cares
I know the warden is readin' this scribe
[MT] But yo I swear, it's a billion dollar business
Courts, lawyers and jails
We all slaves in the system, I'm bout to rebel

[Verse 4, Millenium Thug:]
There's not a bitch in sight
Or block bench, or black gate
Or gray fence, look who fucked it all up, Mr. President
I remember yesterday we was on the block gettin' bent
Now it's state of the art
I just saw the first dude I met here, his head came apart
What a bloody mess, a slug fest
I just buried 8 of mine, at night I hear grown men cryin'
You know I'm spittin' mine
I ain't goin' out here, we gotta win
Everytime I hear the wind I think a slug went in
I'm checkin' my chest, holdin' my head
Catchin' my breath, watchin' my back
Smokin' this grass, beatin' my dick, thinkin' of ass
I don't know what they broadcast, the newsflash is fake
Everyday I'm feelin' like you, I wanna escape
And if y'all niggas feelin' like me, y'all niggas just say

[Repeat Chorus]

This goes out to Che Guevara;
A Revolutionary destroyed by his country
Just trying to fight for what's real
This goes out to my nigga Malcolm El-Hajj Malik Shabazz
Just trying to fight for what's real
This goes out to Martin – all about peace and destroyed by his own country
This goes out to everybody in the whole world
Just trying to fight for what's real
To Patrice Lumumba...
Just trying to fight for what's real and destroyed by his own people
This goes out to my hood niggaz
Coming up everyday just trying to survive the only way we know how
But see we know too much now, and we seen too much now
So ain't nothing gon' to stop us now
To my country,
to my country,
to my country,
my country...

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