Urban Warfare

Lingua: Inglese

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Soldier Boy

Lyrics & Music by Alan Gardiner and Roger Peatman
Album: Can We Get Off


Rock song about corrupt Politicians and Gang culture. Just a tale of the decay in general in our society today not helped by bullshit politicians !
Tell me, one politician who don't tell lies
They promise the earth then turn a blind eye
They watch us from on high as the boys come of age
All the colours of man enter the turf war rage...

So come on down to street level all you people of note
See the faces of the men who offer the vote
You offered up yourself as a man of decision
Who could cut out all the rot with a confident vision..

Down on the ward another boy waits to die
Yeah he honoured his gang and yeah he gave it a try
The policeman looks down as he utters a sigh
was it really worth the price of an eye.... for an eye

{so come on down to street level all you people of note –
see the faces of the guys who cast out a vote
You punish you tax us while you live like kings –
to working class people expense slips
don't mean a thing
We go to the ballot and vote for a side knowing full well were there for the ride
our fathers before us did the same thing
who ever you vote for they still let you down whether from a village – a city or town

So don't feel so guilty when making a choice –
none of the parties speak with our voice
Keep your head up and walk with a stride they can take all our money
but never our pride
come down to street level you star spangled banner you union jack
it's time for the people eh yea
to get something right

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