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Soldier Boy

Lyrics & Music by Alan Gardiner and Roger Peatman
Album: TBA

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As 2011 begins this song celebrates the fact that life still exists on earth, October 1962 a crisis almost reached the point of no return, a stand off between Kennedy and Khrushchev introduced a new phrase "Three minutes to worlds end"
At the end of World War 2 "Little Boy", the first atomic bomb had been unleashed on Japan, and so began the start of the Cold War, by the sixties people started to build underground shelters in the futile hope that after a couple of weeks the radiation that would settle on the land and kill all life forms would somehow become tolerable, thank God that no one pushed the button that October in 1962 !
Build a shelter - gonna build a tomb
Deep underground
A place to hide our fear
Apocalypse is here..

A detonation in the sky
No escape
A friendly face will wipe us out
Without a trace..

So begins the nuclear age,
As we turn another page..
Before the clock has struck the hour
Everybody wants the power.

"Little boy" you really passed the test
Chaos is near
Radiation time
No-one’s leaving here..

Annihilation - one and all
Came the snow
Enola Gay will be
The last sound ever heard..

A way to change a nation's fate
A blinding light - obliterate
"Little boy" you lit the sky
Did everybody have to die ?

In the field a tear-stained cheek
Sleeps forever
Ashes left of human kind
Forever blind

Superpower now is born
The final countdown
Atomic rain - it's time to
Meet our God at last !

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