August 6, 1945 (Black Rain)

Eric Severson
Lingua: Inglese

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Lyrics & Music by Eric Severson
Album: Gravity Waves


'August 6, 1945 (Black Rain)' is a requiem for the people who were killed and maimed in the bombing of Hiroshima at the end of World War II, and a tribute to the spirit of those who lived just long enough to drink the radioactive 'black rain'.
..What is this, where am I?
There was a blindin' light, a fire in the sky.

How long have I -been lyin' here?
Was it a moment, or was it a year?

My skin is pierced, with broken glass,
My body burnin' in this molten ash…

Now I look up, and so unexpectedly,
A gentle rain is fallin' down on me..
The drops are thick, and black as night
I feel their poison, know this isn't right..

But still I lift my head.. -and drink the rain...

Drink the rain
It's thick and black as coal
Still it satisfies my soul
and makes me feel whole

I drink the rain
Like velvet on my face
Like honey to my taste
I'm barely just alive
But for this moment I'll survive, and

Drink the rain
So lovely to the touch
Drink the rain
Is it askin' for too much
While there's time before I die
While this poison trickles down my throat and works on me inside

To drink the rain
For all the people who are gone
To drink the rain
For those who'll never see the dawn
For my countrymen, my family
With this last breath, remember me..
I fade into the earth from which I came
And drink the rain..

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