We Gotta Get It (Right This Time)

Lingua: Inglese

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Pre-Nuclear War Blues

Scritta da Ric Wilson.

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We gotta get it
gotta get it right this time…

Does anybody know where we’re heading
climate changes
global warming spreading
earth quaking
Jah’s head shaking in disapproval
tsunami rising
hurricane Katrina
baptizing a nation
where is your brother
where is your sister
did they have a meal today
did the children slip into sexual slavery
lord help us
‘cause they didn’t have a place to stay

We gotta get it
gotta get it right this time…

We have seen the world in its glory
been bathed by pure sunlight
no ozone depletion
when right was right
now we see whales, fish and other beautiful
creatures of the sea
dying a slow and horrible death
washed up on our shores
dead and stinking
bodies displaying telltale nasty sores
from the lifeless cesspools
they’ve been forced to live in
teenagers drowning
in life made too hard and not soft
so many were last heard screaming
“stop the world i wanna get off”

We gotta get it
gotta get it right this time…

AIDS, suffering, violence and starvation
plaguing the precious people of our planet
we will either come together
as brothers and sisters with a healing agenda or
perish as fools
global healing
indigenous spiritual wisdom
the universal remedy
go deep within
discovering one’s self
seeing things as they really are
vipassanā … vipassanā
there is one world
this is our world
we have to contribute
to making it better
we all can share in its abundance and
true glory
now and with our seventh generation forever…

We gotta get it
gotta get it right this time…

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