Pre-Nuclear War Blues

Lingua: Inglese

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Message to the world from Mandrill: this song cautions against the perpetual manufacturing and use of nuclear arms that will eventually result in the annihilation of humans and all life on our planet as we know it.

I got the blues
I got the pre-nuclear war blues
Listen up hear!

I went down by the river
Where the cold wind blow
Up jumped a fish
‘bout a hundred year ole

I said fish, Oh! Mr. Fish
I said fish, Mr. Fish
He said Yes, what can I do for you?
Yes son, what can I do for you?

I said my world in trouble
Gimme some advice
On the eve of destruction
And you know that ain’t nice.

Armies are gathering
In the middle east
Everybody fidgety
They got that pre-war disease

They got the media
Talking stuff
The major world powers
All joining up.

Surrounding a nation
Who control the crude
You know the thing is black and sticky
What we gon' do?
I want to know what we gon' do
Tell me what we gon' do.

The fish just shook his head
Turned around and said…ha ha

Ya'll humans are so stupid
I ain't tellin' no lie
You mess up my ocean, kill my babies
Now you’re scared to die.

You're the keeper of the planet
But you chose to live hi-fly
So put your head between your legs
And kiss your ass goodbye

That’s what the fish told me…then he swim away

So I went to the jungle,
Where the lion roar.
He took a dump
Right there on the jungle floor.

He said ummmm
I smell a man
Behind a tree.

I said please have mercy on me,
Mr. Lion
I got good reason
For invading your privacy

You see, my world
Like it's gone crazy
People insane, babies with uzies
Killin' for the cocaine

The holy man,
Not like before
Now he's stealing from his mama
While he runnin' whores

The politicians
Won't stop the crime
They bamboozle my children
And send them off to the front lines.

Seem like they ready
To scorch the land
They playing musical missiles in the desert
with Sadam

I need a plan
Give me a plan
I need a plan
Give me a plan
It's getting closer and closer
They got a deadline happening.

He said, ya'll humans are so greedy
I ain't tellin' no lie
You slash and burn, the land your spurn
And leave me high and dry

You kill my friends for their ivory
And leave their babies there to die.
So, put head between your legs
And kiss your ass goodbye.

Right then the king of beasts
Walked past, dropped a tear to earth
Shook his mane, rearranged himself
And slowly melted into the jungle…..

And I pondered.

Well, then I climbed the mountain
Where the eagle lay
Thunder and lightening
Like a hoodoo day.

I heard boom,
Boom, boom, bam, bam, boom
I heard boom,
Boom, bam, boom, boom

Cloud like mushroom
Was rising tough
Right about then the big bird
Snatched me up.

She took me higher
Than I've been before
Above the melee
But she just couldn’t hold

She said Brudda!
You such a heavy load
I must save my babies
So I gotta let you go.

I was free falling
Towards the land
When I felt somebody
Hold my hand.

When my mama woke me
My teary eyes gleamed
Like a Hollywood movie
It was a bad dream.
Just a bad dream. It was only a bad dream, you know.

Yes, I was so glad to be out of the twilight zone
I raced to the window
Flung the shutters open
And shouted to the world.

We all humans better wake up
While nature's on our side
It’s not too late to clean the slate
And keep mother earth alive

Stop fighting with your brothers
Use history as your guide, or


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