The Last Conquistadors

David Kilpatrick
Lingua: Inglese

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Lyrics & Music by David Kilpatrick

"A little song in a Latin rhythm with a Canarian timple (a five-string viheula-shaped ukulele) providing local colour! OK, it ain't flamenco, but it's the only song I've ever performed live on a flamenco guitar borrowed from a flamenco singer.
I'd been reading some of the 15th to 17th century original accounts of exploration, and the idea just came into my head. I have never before made a recording using the timple, which is an instrument only played in the Canary Islands, one of the staging posts for the New World. I had to learn to play it for this and it sounds very bright and quick; it's an instrument which could be used more".
We are the last conquistadors
We speak the Latin tongue
As Ceasar and Columbus did
Before the West was won

We came to California
There was work here to be done
We came to California
'cause you wanted us to come..

We are the last conquistadors
We conquered without guns
No fire, no bible, fear or sword
We conquered with our sons!

Our mothers were your servants
But our daughters are your wives
We are the last conquistadors
We conquered – with our lives.

(instrumental and repeat v1)

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