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Urban Warfare

Lyrics & Music by Alan Gardiner and Roger Peatman
Album: TBA


"Dark poignant Progressive Rock song exploring the fact that each of us have different beliefs about one thing or another ! Hence the human race never can be united as one !!
Around One Billion Atheists,
Around Twenty Major Religions,
Different Political Parties,
Not Surprising That Humans Will Never Be As One
Who Is Right
You Or Me ? "
Do you feel a yearning – stomach churning urge
Is your mind erupting – self destructing - surge
If it's real now – How much better will you feel

Time to think it over – would I do the same as you
Dream to be a hero – saviour of this world

Am I right now – Can I see the truth ?

Will we ever end the Holy Wars ?
We can never justify
Do we want to see a better world
for you and I..

If I made a difference – Would you do the same as me
Never in agreement – as far as I can see..
Someday – find equality ?

Knowledge in a lifetime – can teach us everything
Knowing all is easy – but it doesn't mean a thing..
So am I right now – tell me - am I right now
Are you a better man than me?..

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