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Disciples of Wilayah
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(Disciples of Wilayah)
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(Disciples of Wilayah)

Album: Disciples of Wilayah

I found this beat on a Islamic website, It is composed by some talented Muslim brothers, I thought I'd do a lil remix.
Imma protest with rhyme!
Against crimes committed by these evil minds,
so grotesque the oppressed are crying.
No Shia or Sunnah Muslim ummah combined.
Fight with every last breath of mine.
Damn Bush and that pig dick Cheney,
My leaders Imam Khomenei Imam Khamenei (ha),
Damn the Israelis and damn their spies.
Damn their conspiracies damn their lies.
Nile to Euphrates they plan to steal.
They plan to create a Greater Israel,
I'll fight until I meet the angel Izraeel.
I say gimmie my land back or no peace deal;
They built Guantanamo to build McDonalds
in the city of Mecca or the city of Kabul.
Finance Israel America's role model.
No justice and no peace of mind
This Peace of land man this Peace is mine
Free Kashmir homie, Free Palestine!!
Fight for liberation from occupation,
every generation will rise and shine
wait and be patient for the Imam of the time...

This is for the martyrs in Imam Hussein's mission,
for the oppressed in the Abughoraib prison,
this is for the orphan children and the poor women
whose fathers and husbands were killed for being Muslim.
And now they wanna attack the Islamic republic.
I say bring it on it’s your own destruction.
So Bush and Sharon are so damn reluctant,
scared US would split like Soviet Russians,
Super Power bullshit don't mean nothing.
I fight back I can never stay silent,
our voices will rise above the smoke and sirens,
We oppose oppression and oppose the violence,
condemn every monarch, condemn every tyrant.
The time is now that we unite with defiance,
become one Ummah one nation united!
Stand firm with faith and trust in our alliance,
the party of God with the belief in his justice,
the Muslims of Muhammad the followers of Ali;
we will tear down this Khyber eventually!!
Much love to the party of God,
much love to The Hizbullah,
labbaik ya hujjatullah!!

!!هوججاتوللاهيا لبيك

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