She Is All Of Us

Sara Marlowe
Lingua: Inglese

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A song in honour of Cindy Sheehan
She is all of us when a Mother's tears fall for her son,

Another child killed, another soldier gone but not lost
They tell her he's a hero, when they don't even know her name,
Well it's all the same, hypocrites, shame

She is all of us when she's asking how many more
Sons and daughters will die for somebody else's war, while they're hiding behind closed doors

Can't even explain the noble cause they sell us, tell us that they're fighting for
In this craziness, she is all of us, (saying no more)

When the tears don't ever seem to stop falling
You're so angry you feel like exploding

And the never-ending suffering
Just remember, she is all of us, she is not alone

She is all of us when she's telling you that you're going the wrong way,
Betrayed we've all been by your lies,

You can't even look her in the eye, no you can't face a mother's tears
Who's the coward now and who was the coward then

She is all of us when she refuses to believe that they can't leave
That killing so many more will honour those sacrificed for a pack of lies
She is all of us when she screams, when she pleads, when she demands
Bring them home now bring them home now

She is all of us, we are not alone

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