Twisted Sense Of God (pt. 2)

Fine Arts Militia
Lingua: Inglese

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(Fine Arts Militia)

Now what's goin on
I don't know
What's really goin down
Y'all don't know
Between the East and the Feds
Heads don't know
You can bet
Some of these heads be the first to go
Between 18 and 30 prayin don't get dirty
Now I got some new cats hearin me
that never heard me
11 / 30 do the math
Damn here comes the draft
But I'm at the age
where my fightin is half assed
Shit my flags always at half mast
Need you ask
While some of ya'll laugh
But I see war lining
these young cats up for body bags
And these so called thugs
masquerading in drag
Now the Feds be checkin all them headrags
Hopin this gung-ho thing lasts

A twisted sense of God . . .
Now why y'all wanna kill God?

Ain't even gonna fix my mouth
to say chiggers
I told y'all on Terrordome, the clocks tickin
From all sides come the wicked
Governments, Fundamentalists
How you gonna kill the innocent
Between terrorists and CIA hit lists
Like my man Uno says . . .
beware the false prophets
Gotta be smarter than this
They say war is a prophet
What them loved ones missed
But death is a debt
None of us ain't seen war yet
Be careful what ya'll ask for
War is Hell, and Hell is war
All them bling bling things
Throw em in the river
That thugged out shit
Y'all can't deliver
I seen four planes kill everyday folks
I guess 911 ain't no joke
Wall street cryin broke
Was is God or the devil itself that spoke
Yeah I wonder
Old vampires hit the new empire
Had the sky cookin
Folk didn't have no choice
but to stare and keep lookin
See you smile missin two front teeth
While some of ya'll still talking
about little assed beefs
Over what? Who? Soundscan.
This month ya'll sound scared

Cold and dark is the weather
People, get your thing together.

It's a twisted sense of God . . .
Why ya'll wanna try god?

Now how do you sell soul to a soul-less people who sold their soul? Keep the people from bein sheeple. Followin hollow voices to tomorrows sorrow. Women have nurtured and birthed the earth. Man has killed many for land and worse. May the power go to everyday people. And may war have no sequel. Reverse the words you get evil. Live. Cause the people want to live against evil. Avoid the third world war. Biological bombs a hundred times worse than Vietnam.

So what you gonna do?
So what you gonna do?
If you was on that plane
both sides would have killed you too.
To my people, stay on your P's and Q's.
Get your thing together.

A twisted sense of god . . .

22/1/2006 - 22:53

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