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The calendar says it's spring, you know
but the nights are still quite long
the warm and sunny days
belie the deep chill of the dawn
with all your friends and family gone

Aren't holocausts all black and white?
their silent actors old?
there are none in this age of truth
that's what I've been told
and never will again unfold

You've boarded up the windows
nailed home the door
the family sharing your food and water
won't come around here no more
they're starved upon the kitchen floor

So all that you have left is wait
there's nothing else to do
when you hear the knock upon the door
you'll know your time is through
like your comrade Anne in nineteen forty two
never again
never again

Is it Serb against the Croat
the Muslim and the Jew
Cowboys and the Indians
The Gray against the Blue
We've done all that we can do
never again
never again.

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