New Africa

Youssou N'Dour
Lingue: Wolof, Inglese

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Una canzone di speranza per l'Africa

Mane Youssou Ndour !
Ma ngi wo ! bépeu domi Africaaaa

Gnou bokeu khalate !
Bokeu guiss guiss !
Bokou yénéééééé !!!

Sans frontiéres
Bolé sounouy ame ame
Té liguééééy !!

Wara tougnou
Nangou kéne nieuw
Dignou féwaléééééééééé !!!

Boul djité rew
Fok né la fa nek
Yaw ya ko mome !

Ndite bou deugueur
Dafa wara fek nga beug sa rew
Té sakou ndimbeul
Ndimbeul na sa fek
Lokhoy boroooom !!!

Woy Africa !

Bou dianteu bi finké waw !
Na la fek diok !
Ak sa dioumetou kaye !
Beuthieuk bi gaw neu !

Niéteu dou beuré
Té niarra meuneu kééééneu waw !
Yone wi ! sorré na !
Té métti na
Naniou ko waaadial

Bo doul nopé khalate
La niou défone Mameuuuu ya!
Sa khol do toul nekh
Té dotou khame lou doul féyane to !

Souma sagnone Africa
Béne niit mo koy djité !
Niou bolé
Sounouy khalate
Ak sounouy dolé
Diokh ko !

Naniou oubi frontiers yi! ratakhale yone yi
Ba nieupeu guissé

Changes your thinking!
Work together!
Keep and working!

Cheikh Anta Diop!
Kouamé Nkrumah!
Steven Biko!

All you people!

14/7/2010 - 23:58

Lingua: Inglese

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I am Youssou Ndour
Calling all Africans

Asking you to share ideas
And come together to a meeting of minds
Without borders, let's pool our resources and work together

Let’s come together and let nothing pull us apart

You heads of state
You may lead a country
But you don’t own it
True leaders love their country
Although we can ask for help
Let’s depend on ourselves first

We are Africans

When the sun comes up
Be on your feet
Ready with your tools of trade

The day passes very quickly
Let’s confront our problems one at a time
United we are stronger

A long road lies ahead
We have much to do
So let’s get ready

When I think of how our grandparents suffered I cry
But our past must not stop us from moving forward

I dream to see Africans unified by a common vision
Let’s marshal our ideas, our energies
Open the borders and come together

Change your thinking
Work together
Keep on working

Cheikh Anta Diop,
Kwame Nkrumah,
Steven Biko,
Nelson Mandela

All you people

15/12/2011 - 00:11

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