Not as They Seem

Sara Marlowe
Lingua: Inglese

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Lyrics and Music by Sara Marlowe
Album: Times Like These...
Times Like These

About the backwards media portrayal of resistance struggles around the world - Palestinian Intifada and the Iraqi resistance to the ongoing occupation (ordinary people being portrayed as terrorists, when they are only resisting illegal occupation).

Bush and Blair's nomination for the Nobel Peace prize was farcical (?!?!!) as well as Kissinger actually winning it!. Also, a Time magazine cover shamefully displayed a Palestinian, mourning at a funeral, with the headline "The New Face of Terrorism." The Palestinian man was holding a gun as is custom with such funerals.
They're -counting on everyone to turn a blind eye
Don't want us to see through their mastery of disguise
Turn a war crime into a Nobel Peace prize
And find a terrorist behind a praying man's eyes...
- a praying man's eyes.

Claim to open your heart while you close off your mind
Ignorance must be bliss to those with something to hide
And pretty soon the only question left for you to face is why..

Feel the weight on your shoulders – Is it
only me or are things not quite –as they seem
Not as they seem...

Bringing in democracy with the barrel of a gun
But when they're lying dead how can they enjoy freedom
Peace fro the living is not in their plan
Gotta understand, gotta take a stand.

And gotta start asking questions now before it's too late
Like when did this world -become so consumed by hate
Or maybe that's just the truth they want us to believe, to deceive, to let them be...

Feel the weight on your shoulders – Is it
only me or are things not quite as they seem...

Jaded, confused, maybe even paranoid and will
Call me what you will, but one day soon you...
– you'll see the truth..

And now every voice of reason they seem to criminalize
When the only crime we're guilty of is our hope for a better life
They may have their tanks, and their bombs, and their guns, and their money and their lies
But we know we're right..

Feel the weight on your shoulders – Is it
only me or are things not quite -as they seem quite..
Are things seem – It's not.. as they seem.
Are things seem – not as they seem.

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