How Far Is It From Here To Nuremberg?

David Rovics
Lingua: Inglese

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Here are fifteen songs I wrote between January and July,
2005. I recorded them at Sugar Hill in Houston with John Griffin on the board on the afternoon of July 28th. I guess there's another bunch of songs here which are continuing the ecological theme that was heavily represented in Beyond the Mall (and to one degree or another in all of my other recordings). Some of the songs are definitely inspired by the musical sensibilies of TV Smith ("Crashing Down," "Boardroom," "Before the Oil Wells Run Dry," "Waiting For The Fall"). I don't know if any of these songs approach TV's brilliance at writing stuff with great universality to it, nor whether the melodies are as catchy as his, but in any case, his music has been a focus for my own songwriting over the past couple months.


"Riffing off of a Robb Johnson song (and a Pete Seeger song)."

David Rovics.
Is there a flag upon your house
And a flag upon your car
And a ribbon on your mailbox
With the stars and bars
Do you support the president
And the war for oil
Do you think your sons belong
There on someone else’s soil
How far is it from here to Nuremberg?

Did you hear about Falluja
And the hundred thousand dead
Did you hear about the torture
In the newspapers you read
Did you pretend it didn’t matter
Did you blame a few bad men
Did you think your leaders
Wouldn’t just do it all again
How far is it from here to Nuremberg?

Did you design the software
That ran the engine in the tank
Or were you pushing papers
At City Bank
Were you in Seattle
Turning bombers into gold
Or did you pull the trigger
‘Cause you did what you were told
How far is it from here to Nuremberg?

Or did you take your kids to school
Go off to your job
Send your taxes off in April
To help support the mob
Did you vote the lesser evil
And think it’s all a shame
Did you think that this alone
Could take away the blame
How far is it from here to Nuremberg?

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