Waiting For The Fall

David Rovics
Lingua: Inglese

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Here are fifteen songs I wrote between January and July,
2005. I recorded them at Sugar Hill in Houston with John Griffin on the board on the afternoon of July 28th. I guess there's another bunch of songs here which are continuing the ecological theme that was heavily represented in Beyond the Mall (and to one degree or another in all of my other recordings). Some of the songs are definitely inspired by the musical sensibilies of TV Smith ("Crashing Down," "Boardroom," "Before the Oil Wells Run Dry," "Waiting For The Fall"). I don't know if any of these songs approach TV's brilliance at writing stuff with great universality to it, nor whether the melodies are as catchy as his, but in any case, his music has been a focus for my own songwriting over the past couple months.

Oh, this is a web-only release and can be found in it's entirely in the "MP3 music" section of http://this Website. Click on the song titles below to check out the lyrics to each song.

David Rovics.

Helicopter missiles launch
The ground rumbles
Apartment complex shakes
Just before it crumbles
Children scream and die
Wrong time, wrong place
A woman wears a shawl
That covers the scar upon her face
A boy looks through a pool of blood
And prays to see the day
When the armies of the infidels
Will once more go away


And everybody’s just
Waiting for the fall
Outside the Green Zone
Through the machine gun turrets
On the other side of the wall

The lights go out again
The city swelters in the heat
A thousand ghosts are weeping
Amid the pockmarked street
No food in the markets
You can’t reap grain that you can’t sow
A no-man’s land the Red Cross
Doesn’t dare to go
A soldier shoots at everything
Acting like the master race
All the while wondering
What he’s doing in this place


No gas in the gas tanks
Lines a mile long
A nation turned to rubble
Where everything’s gone wrong
Death squads roam the alleys
Looking for the eye
Of anyone who dares to say
A lie is just a lie
The torturers are torturing
In a prison cell
Flushing Korans down the toilet
Saying all praise be to Shell


Humvee fires
Someone fires back
A sound that lets you know
You’re somewhere in Iraq
Surgeons with no medicine
Wonder what to do
And ask how things might be
If the outside world knew
And in an ivory tower in Texas
They’re toasting the New Year
Not knowing there’s a country
Far away from here


Where everybody’s just…

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