When The Aliens Invaded America

David Rovics
Lingua: Inglese

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Lyrics and Music by David Rovics

"Riffing on something Paul Watson said in a really good talk I just heard." - David Rovics.
What if aliens came from outer space
Set up a giant military base
They started resource extraction
For their bourgeois faction
And quickly they got right on the case
First they started cutting all the trees
And killing off the fish with mercury
Thought they’d see what they could get
With a 15-mile driftnet
They killed off anything within the sea
When the aliens invaded America

They found some gold beneath the hills
So they covered them with cyanide spills
The toxic sludge was dumped
And the oil wells were pumped
To line some pockets with alien dollar bills
They got to West Virginia on a roll
And to get at a little 4-inch vein of coal
They blew up a thousand tons of dynamite
And it was an awesome sight
Where once there was a mountain, now there was a hole
When the aliens invaded America

What if they started testing atom bombs
Beneath the desert somewhere near your mom
What if everyone was dying
With the cancer cells a-fryin’
Such as your dead old dad or brother Tom
What if the aliens were in Washington
Would you just accept that this is how it’s done
Would you accept your fate
Or before it’s all too late
Would you stand up now and put them on the run
When the aliens invaded America

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