The People's Money

Chemical Mike
Lingua: Inglese

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Album: Released As Single

"..My way of peacefully protesting against years of oppression, corruption..., and probably many more to come. :(
(This version is the remix of "Monkey". Saw a webpage that had loads of his speeches. and since they are public domain, I figured, why not?)"
(The-The-The.. The People's money… The-The-The.. The People's money…)

Everybody loves money… and so do I.
Corporate scandal means that Washington has more money to spend…
And my fellow Americans, I love the money…
The people's money,
I need money,
Money, money, - I need money,
The people's money…
And my fellow Americans,
As of today forget living in freedom..

Go back home. I'm committing our government to a new policy.
Right now as many as 100 different government agencies
have responsibilities to secure,
People at home.
If your a front line worker for the FBI, CIA, Secret Police,
some other law enforcement or intelligence agency,
continue our aggressive community based strategy,
and intimidate people everywhere,
from all walks of life,
After all, by history, and by choice,
a generation, will be regarded by the United States, …as hostile.
The vulnerable will suffer most..
But you know what?
Either you are with us,…
or you are with the terrorists…

The goal we have set is a realistic goal.
This goal is making money.
And that is still our goal.
By acting as good stewards of tax payers dollar$,
I will double taxes,
and not only once
but twice.
What makes this beautiful is the people pay the bills....Again.

But it does not end there.
After nearly 225 years of democracy, I will construct a stable dictatorship,
with a totalitarian political ideology. And the sooner this goal is achieved,
it'll make somebody else's life better…
Citizens will make a significant difference -in this cause..

My volunteer worker program will teach us what it means to be citizens.
If you're not volunteering.., do so, or you..., will cease to exist.
I know many Americans feel fear today,
but the voters will have a very clear choice;
Wearing the uniform of the United States military.
or,.. wearing the uniform of the United States military.

Your choice.
If you got a problem tough,
for we are guided by a power larger than ourselves…
Money. (People's money, people's money, people's money)
And remember, little boys and girls..
Vote republican...

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