Too Confused

Lingua: Inglese

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Lyrics & Music By Jerry Scott
Album: 1 2 3 War
Said I'm tired of being confused
as "punx" that are tired of being abused
they choose to argue over who is punkest
as their unjust government just fucks with the rest
'Cause we're proving a stereotype they're just a social sect
Am I missing something here?
The way we look to neglect to expect more respect
and say: "I don't really care"

'Cause now it's not about even being yourself
'Cause it's even gone beyond being someone else
You gotta be the best and be the alpha man
Mohawked social republican
But where is the purpose?
Tell me, where is the cause?
Am I missing something here?
You look at the battle as if you've already lost
and say: "I don't fucking care".

Said I'm confused but I don't care
if my cause isn't going anywhere
'Cause saying catchphrases and being where it's at
yeah yeah yeah, I can live like that
My name sounds like a number when my mind has been abused
from labels painted on it from other's points of views.
They leave me feeling that everybody's mind's set
that I'm too confyooooo ooh oosed

If you could think for yourself you'd take control of your own life
but wearing content facades is an easier life.
Kick back in the thought that your cause is not hurt
if you salute the flag and you wave it to that jerk
Confused? Am I too confused?
Am I missing something here?
I've said it before, I'll say it again,
I don't really care.

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