On The Mountain Tonight

Guy Carawan
Lingua: Inglese

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Album “The Land Knows You're There”
Written by John O'Connor

“One of the many songs now being written in the United States in solidarity with people's struggles in Central America. This is about El Salvador.” (Guy Carawan)
So sing your songs quietly, my compañeros
Take your sleep with your guns at your side
For tomorrow we'll fight for our families below
While tonight in the mountains we hide

There's no moon shining bright on the mountains tonight
No shadow is casting below
Our camp it is dark, there is no firelight
Our voices are all kept down low

It is my turn to act as a sentry tonight
My amigos will all count on me
Below I imagine our village's light
Where my sister and mother might be

My father was taken one night from our home
My mother never saw him again
Unlike my young brother who we found on the road
There are scars that no doctor can mend

The choice it was mine to have stayed down below
And to cower when the orden(?) drives by
But fear bears no freedom as we up here know
There's may ways that man can die

There's no moon shining bright on the mountains tonight

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