Malvina Reynolds
Lingua: Inglese

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Lyrics and Music by Malvina Reynolds.
Album: Ear to the Ground
It's hard to believe that people live in such palaces,
With fine carved wood and carpets like clouds on the floor,
And ride around in gold-plated automobiles,
With a flunky to drive and a flunky to open the door.
It's hard to believe, but people do live that way,
And that's why thousands live on the river bank,
And have hardly enough to eat from day to day.
It's hard to believe that thousands live in such shanties
Or are jammed into slums where we do not usually go,
And they don't know how they'll make it to the next pay-day,
If they have a pay-day, that is, when things get slow.
It's hard to believe but people do live that way,
And that's why a few live in real palaces,
And cannot spend money as fast as they get it,
No matter how hard they try,
Or how many houses and automobiles they buy.

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